Over 140,000 trailers barcoded

Kar Lot Barcode

Chances are very high that you already have trailers on your yard with a Kar Lot barcode. That's because we have already barcoded over 140,000 trailers in North America.

Kar Lot supports barcoding in several ways and will provide the following enhancements to your yard management operations:

  • Speed up trailer and container inbound-outboud processing
  • Increase worker efficiency
  • Reduce data entry errors
  • Accurate security seal checks
  • More...
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Leverage Cloud Technologies with Kar Lot

Distribution Center

When your yard management system is able to plug into cloud computing platforms like Microsoft Azure many new features become available.

  • Mobile push notifications
  • Cloud processing and workflow automation
  • Automate EAI, B2B, and business processes
  • Integration with SaaS platforms
  • Tap into predictive analytics services
  • More

Microsoft Azure is a collection of integrated cloud services including analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage, and web. More than 66 percent of Fortune 500 companies rely on Azure.

Azure was the first cloud provider recognized by the European Union’s data protection authorities for it's commitment to rigorous EU privacy laws. Microsoft was also the first major cloud provider to adopt the new international cloud privacy standard, ISO 27018.

Kar Lot can run in your private data center, in Azure Cloud or a hybrid configuration, and can leverage cloud services provided by Microsoft Azure to provide better operational insight and increase productivity of your facilities.

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Yard Timeline

Yard workers collaborate

The shipping yard is a dynamic operation which means things are always changing at a rapid pace. Investigating what series of events caused a specific issue can take a lot of time.

With Kar Lot Yard Timeline (TM) you can quickly scroll through time and see who, what, when, and where. Kar Lot tracks multiple data points within your yard operations.

  • Inbound and outbound inspections
  • Fuel levels
  • Temperature logging
  • Trailer and container movements
  • Security seal events
  • Worker tasks
  • And more...

All of these now show up in the Kar Lot Timeline (TM) to give you even greater insight into your shipping yard operations.

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Mobile Alerting

Tablet workers

One of the key challenges in yard management is making sure the right people are informed when key events happen.

For example: When mechanical problems arise with refrigeration equipment temperature sensitive products are at risk of loss. The loss is almost certain if the issues go un-noticed or are not reported through the proper channels. These notifcation channels can break down due to many reasons.

  • Missed yard check
  • Failure to notify maintenance or repair mechanics
  • Ineffective reporting systems or procedures
  • Bad information
  • More...

Kar Lot has built in support for SMS text messaging, email, and even voice alerting. When a critical event happens on your yard make sure the message is heard loud and clear by choosing the Kar Lot Yard Management System.

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Product Protection

Temperature Control Panel

A critical time for temperature sensetive products is during the time product is loaded and waiting to leave the shipping yard. Ensuring the product is kept within the required temperature range is crucial for the safety of the product and reduces the risk of loss.

We refer to this critical function as Product Protection. While temperature is a very important aspect of product protection there are also other important functions to consider as well.

  • Regrigeration unit fuel levels
  • Temperature trending
  • Data Logging accuracy
  • Seal check and verification
  • Exception Alerting

These are equally as important in ensuring product quality and safety. Kar Lot provides this protection "out of the box".

Contact us today and demo these features which are part of our Kar Lot shipping yard management solution.

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Dock Management

Shipping Dock Doors

Is down time on your dock a far to common occurence?

Operational efficiency is a requirement when managing the shipping dock. Trailers and containers must flow in and out of the dock smoothly and on schedule. There are many variables attributed to dock down time.

  • Hard to find trailers or containers
  • Dirty trailers
  • Waiting on yard trucks
  • Unprepared trailers arrive at the dock
  • And more...

Kar Lot has been field tested for over 10 years and it can improve your dock efficiency. A few of the dock management features include:

  • Container & trailer pre-chill
  • Yard truck dispatching and queing
  • Unique graphical interface offers insight at a glance
  • View and search real-time yard inventory
  • Track load status, classification, temperature, and more

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